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Gabriella "Bella" Pinel is an Italian-American documentary filmmaker, writer, and producer. Her love for storytelling was sparked at a young age as a dancer and exceptional home-video weather reporter. Throughout her career, she has strived to be involved in all areas of production, ranging from work at Jimmy Kimmel Live! to YouTube digital media production and feature film development. In her final year at Chapman University's Dodge College, she produced a short documentary in Malawi, Africa and went on to assist an Academy Award-winning filmmaker for a Sundance-selected film the following year.


Her work stems from a love for journalism, travel, and most importantly, a passion for people. Bella believes strongly in connecting people across cultural boundaries and embracing new languages, food, and experiences along the way. She is deeply connected to her own Sicilian and Costa Rican heritage and keen on expressing that through her creative work.


Though native to Southern California, Bella has lived in Italy twice, most recently in her family's home in Sicily. She wholeheartedly believes that embracing uncertainty, inciting change, appreciating small, simple moments and always making time for a quality bowl of pasta is the only way to truly live.

Here's to the uncertainty of tomorrow. May we breathe deeper, laugh harder, love greater, and realize time and time again that shit happens. It is simply how we choose to perceive our situation that gives us the opportunity to smile a little brighter and live our lives a little fuller.


Cheers, ragazzi!