what does it mean? by dictionary definition it means nonsensical, foolish, lacking mental perception. but a dictionary definition can only take you so far. what does it really mean? in life…it’s a loss. not of words or items or abilities, but of inhibitions. of fear. it’s a key, really. to the unlimited, to the boundless opportunities around us that we’re kept from due to doubt, insecurity, anxiety. it sounds like a dangerous word...not the word itself — the cadence of it is actually quite wonderful with all of the s’s — senselessness. but the implication feels negative - like the loss of sensibility can only lead to instability and inevitable danger in some capacity. but the truth is senselessness can be a beautiful gift. sometimes we need a dose of senselessness to allow ourselves to truly live. to refrain from over-calculation or self-doubt and to just act with the sheer feeling of hope as our ally. acting on such a principle may lead to disastrous results, sure, but from those we learn and we grow. we treat ourselves with the utmost amount of freedom and limitless possibility. we push ourselves to a point we otherwise wouldn’t know exists for ourselves. being senseless in our actions is surely not held in high regard but when we have the chance to do so, it’s a risk worth taking. being sensible is overrated anyways. 



~ Gabriella Pinel