Sincerely, Peeved.

Let me just start by saying, I’m not much of a complainer. Really, I’m about as mellow as they come. But, lately, or should I say most of my life, I’ve been suffering from an identity crisis. One that’s fueled by lazy, uncaring people that continuously fail to acknowledge my unique identity and it’s about time I speak up.

Hi, I’m there. Well I’m here but my name is ‘there.’ I know what you’re thinking, what a dumb name…why would his parents ever name him that. Well, I was pretty content with it in my early years but this whole new itz-ok-to-mispell-evrythng-ovr-txt generation has really got me down. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my brothers, they’re and their, but it’s really hard to be proud of who I am when all people ever do is mix us up and misuse us. I mean I’d say I’m the most popular of the three of us but it’s still unfair.

Like the other day Johnny was convincing Lisa of how fun his friends are and shoots her this text.


I promise there a ton of fun. You’ll really like them.

Of course, I’m always honored to be used but not when I don’t belong there and not when it starts the fights between my brothers and I. Sure, everyone meshes us together from time to time but my brother never fails to remind us of his beauty mark that makes him more important. We weren’t all so lucky to be born with an apostrophe and he makes sure we don’t forget…so WHY DO YOU!?


Sorry, didn’t mean to get all flustered. But really, if you would take the time to understand each of us, my brother, their, wouldn’t feel so neglected and our cousins, your and you’re, wouldn’t be constantly competing with us to see who got more properly used every day.

Call me pedantic, but all I want to do is be appreciated for who I am and stop having to argue with my brothers on why tirelessly texting teens choose to use one of us more than the other. So, if you’re out there and you’re a culprit of this heinous injustice, please just take a second to consider your spelling and think about your meaning. It will make you look a lot smarter and lord knows it will make our family parties a lot more enjoyable.

~ Gabriella Pinel